About Dave Edwards Photography
Starting at the age of 9 and equipped with a $5.00 Kodak Brownie camera my life-long
interest in photography began with a family vacation to Niagara Falls. Over the years
the natural landscape became my primary subject, but along the way I also
incorporated skills relating to portraits and weddings. During 2001, I formally
developed a small business that included most aspects of photography with an
emphasis on senior portraits and weddings.

I find my photography interests in transition once again. My focus now is on leading
field trips, presenting programs, judging photography contests, and writing. I enjoy
helping others in honing their talents.

To me, photography is the study of light, its quality, quantity and how it interacts with
the subject. My goal is to use my photographic images to bring an awareness and
appreciation to the environment.

Dave Edwards Photography is a proud supporter of:

  • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) - 28 years of service (retired
    on January 19, 2008)

  • WDNR - evidence photography instructor (1993-2008)

  • Developed WDNR Standard Operating Procedures on use of digital images as
    evidence (1999)

  • WDNR Chief's Award - Innovation (2006)

  • WDNR Chief's Award - Service to the Field (2003)

  • WDNR South Central Region Environmental Protection employee of the year (1992)

  • Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc. photography field trip leader (2006-

  • Created and managed Dave Edwards Photography LLC (2001-2013)

  • Beaver Dam Area Arts Association:  Volunteer, Exhibitor, Board of Directors (2005-
    2017), Exhibit Chair: "Members Exhibit" (2014), "Through the Lens" (2012),
    "Guardians of Nature" (2010), "Nature's Diversity" (2009), and "The Natural World:
    Awareness and Education" (2005)

  • Co-founder of the Lightcatchers Photography Club, Beaver Dam (2009)

  • Friends of Horicon National Wildlife Refuge (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service): Board of
    Directors, Volunteer, USFWS Friends Academy 2013 (National Conservation
    Training Center), columnist for Friends newsletter, "Cattails", manages website and
    art gallery exhibits

  • Photography contest judge for a variety of venues including Wisconsin State Fair
    (licensed by Wisconsin DATCP), completed Image Analysis Course (Photographic
    Society of America) 2013

  • Photographic Society of American- Digital Dialog Group 51 Administrator

  • Photography instructor, Moraine Park Technical College (2018 - 2020). Classes
    range from entry level to advanced, and use of iPhones.


  • University of Illinois - Springfield (1977 - 1979), B.A. Environments and People
    Program, including classes in photojournalism, photo-lab assistant

  • Wabash Valley College - Mt. Carmel, IL (1975-1977) A.A.S. Conservation and
    Outdoor Recreation, photojournalism classes including film processing and printing


  • Photographic Society of America (2010 - present)


  • Photographic Society of America Journal, "In My Backyard, Devils Lake State Park",
    August 2020

  • Photographic Society of America Journal, "Walldogs Invade Beaver Dam", March

  • Photographic Society of America Journal, "Chance Favors a Prepared Mind", May

  • Photographic Society of America Journal, "Joining Cycling and Photography
    Interests", February 2015

  • Washington Post and New York Times (published Costa Rica images) December


  • United States Air Force, 1971-1975, Air Operations Specialist, Honorable Discharge,
    Good Conduct Medal

                                               * * *