Photography Club
The Beaver Dam Lightcatchers Photography
Club was founded in 2009 by Tom Helfert.
Dave Edwards has been involved with the club
since the beginning. Guy Yuker soon came on
board and  coordinates our programs and

Our members have a broad range of  skills
from beginners to professionals. We learn
from each other and our meetings are very
All are welcome and there are no
fees associated with our group. Please direct
questions to Dave at
All "assignments" so to speak, are voluntary. Tasks are designed to help
you sharpen your photographic skills and creativity. If you are new to the
group, please be assured our critiques are always gentle. If you have
questions on how to submit images or would like to learn more about our
club, feel free to contact Dave.
2019 Meeting Schedule/Topics

2019 (Tentative)

April - The Art of Travel: Lesson #5 Interiors and Exteriors, High and Low. A 30
minute National Geographic video narrated by Joel Sartore. These National
Geographic videos are very popular with members.

May - All about you: Select some aspect about who you are, (your work, a hobby,
passion, etc.) and reveal that to us in pictures. Bonus points if you take something that
is normally mundane and turn into something exciting! Let your imagination run wild, but
at the end of it, we want to get to know you better.

June - Negative Space: Presentation by Vicki Hollenberg

July - Stop & Shoot: For the July theme, I envision meeting at DCCA, then having
members select slips of paper from three different mixing bowls. The first bowl will
have the number of steps that the person is to take between shoots. (25, 30, 35 or
40) This will make sure people aren't stopping in exactly the same spot. Yet some
may be close enough to provide interesting comparisons.

The second bowl will have colors on the slips. Members get bonus points if they
include their color in the images. (Red, Yellow, Violet, black)

The third bowl will have other things on them, that when included would also give them
extra points. Certain letters, flag, panning, reflection, pair, dog, shadow, fire hydrant,
bicycle, brick, triangle, L.C. Member, shadow, flower, circle, negative space.

The overarching idea of the theme is to force our members to look for 10 images at
each stop with the hope that we train our eyes to see images where ever we happen
to be.

August - TBD

September - The Unselfie - selfie: You have to be in every frame. Here's the catch.
No traditional selfies! Set your camera up on tripod or other supporting device like a
bean bag, etc. Set the camera's timer and then get yourself in the frame. Try to place
yourself in scenes in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

October -  TBD

November - Fall: Enough said.

December - No meeting
Mesa Arch, Arches National Park by Dave Edwards
New Component to our Meetings
"Critique Dave"

During many of the meetings we have a segment known as "Critique Dave".
Dave brings in several of his images for the group to critique. Some are good,
some are in need of improvement. He has also been known to throw in a few
surprise images. Dave takes all the comments in stride during this fun activity
Since 2009, the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association and Lightcatchers relationship
has been very strong. Dodge County Center for the Arts (f/k/a BDAAA) has now
moved into their new facility at 130 W. Maple St., Beaver Dam, WI. We are
pleased to be able to join the art center at the new facility and are look forward to
continuing this relationship for many years to come. Thank you DCCA!
We meet on the last Tuesday of the month, 7:00 - 8:15pm,  Dodge County
Center for the Arts, 130  W. Maple St.,Beaver Dam, WI